Why Core Competencies (PDF)

A specialised task

The Core Competencies are a training curriculum - the first training curriculum for all independent reviewers, chairs and report writers. The document sets out the core knowledge and skills needed to undertake the specialist tasks of reviewing, chairing and report writing. They are applicable to children's serious case reviews, domestic homicide reviews, safegurading adults reviews and mental health investigations.

A unique combination of knowledge and skills is required; part judicial, part administrative, part management, part interpersonal skills. Increasingly, an ability to cost reviews is needed. The Core Competencies brings these together for the first time in one training curriculum.

Expert tools

The purpose of the core competencies is not to prescribe one method of working, but to set out a broad range of knowledge and skills, options and tools. The Core Competencies are created by Sequeli's experts who have extensive experience of reviews and investigations.

Core Competencies (PDF)

Five Core Competencies

There are five Core Competencies:

  • Core principles
  • Core knowledge
  • Core skills in the conduct of the review
  • Core skills in communication and analysing information
  • Core skills in report writing, publication and follow-up



Chairs, report writers and reviewers can use them to identify their training needs

Commissioners of reviews and investigations can use them to specify the knowledge and skills required when setting up tendering arrangements for review contracts

Trainers can use them for constructing training for reviewers, chairs and report writers.

The Core Competencies have been used for Sequeli's own training materials and can be cross-referenced to them so that individuals know whiuh areas of training they have completed.

One set of core principles, skills and knowledge

The idea of core competencies is simple. The knowledge and skills required for chairing and writing reports can be taught and learned as a set of tools which can be built upon, maintained and transferred from one specialist review or investigation to another. In this way, competency can be recognised by chairs, report writers, trainers and commissioners, whatever the setting.

The benefits

There are other advantages. Core competencies can readily be understood by the public who may wish to know the expertise required of chairs and report writers.

Core knowledge and skills promote consistency between types of review and investigation. Standards can be set and accreditation based around them.

With one set of competencies, there is no duplication of training. It is economically straightforward in these times of financial constraint.

Tailored for your use

Sequeli has created training materials based on its Core Competencies for the Home Office and the Depratment for Education as well as for a range of local commissioners of services.

We can design a version of the Core Competencies specifically for your use. Please contact us to discuss.


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