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aims to cut through complexity in order to help organisations learn from deaths and serious injury. Sequeli provides the only Integrated Training and integrated training materials and tools - Sequeli System - for all reviewers, chairs and report writers of children's and adults' serious case reviews, mental health investigations and domestic homicide reviews.

Sequeli uses a Core Competencies curriculum for all its training, training materials and tools based on core principles, knowledge and skills with a quality assurance technique.

Whilst there are now a multitude of independently-run organisations carrying out reviews, investigations and inquiries, Sequeli's Core Competencies and Training Materials remain at the heart of almost all these approaches.

A resource for all

The Department for Education and the Home Office have each based their training and training materials for reviews on Sequeli's Core Competencies. As a consequence there is a similarity between the Home Office Guide to Overview Report Writing, the Department for Education Improving the Quality of Serious Case Reviews Training Materials and the Sequeli System from which they derive.


Whether a review is small and local or large and national, Sequeli can offer information, training, materials and expertise. It is a resource for all which is infinitely adaptable.

Much is archived on this site. Please feel free to use what you find and contact us if you would like more.


Sequeli has access to experts who can advise on problems which arise during the course of commissioning reviews, investigations and inquiries - or which occur whilst a review is under way. Being an independent chair can feel quite isolating and we can also provide confidential support.

contact us: contact@sequeli.com

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