A whole system

Shared training
Independent reviewers, chairs, report writers and commissioners of all types of review and investigation benefit from the experience of training together

Based on one training curriculum
Sequeli's Core Competencies ensure training has at its heart the same key features, whatever the type of review

Using integrated materials and practice tools
Sequeli's System focuses on core principles, knowledge, skills, quality assurance and learning methods applicable to all types of review and investigation

Provided by a range of expert trainers
Sequeli's trainers come a variety of professional backgrounds and are able to speak from first-hand experience of involvement with reviews or investigations

Delivered across boundaries
To reviewers and commissioners - in specialist or shared training sessions.

High quality

Sequeli is committed to provision of high quality training in association with reputable academic and legal organisations.

We also include charities and organisations which represent the interests of victims, victims’ families and all those who as ‘consumers’ of reviews and investigations should have a voice in the training of reviewers, chairs and report writers.

We do not forget professionals and commissioners who must learn from reviews and investigations.

Sequeli has delivered training for the Department for Education and local authorities, creating training materials in support of its training, including for the Home Office and Department for Education.

Go to our Sequeli Profiles page for more information about Sequeli's expert advisors.

Why integrated?

of services being reviewed, service users, law, recommendations, public interest, independence, accountability and purpose, whatever the setting

Straddles specialism so can bring new insight and clarity of vision

Transferability of knowledge and skills for reviewers across the types of review and investigation

Consistency of approach across the specialist areas, generating confidence in reviews

Integrated learning of lessons especially when criticisms have been that there has been a lack of communication

Economic advantage as integrated training reduces duplication and cost.

Since reviewers can develop core skills applicable to a range of reviews and investigations, jointly commissionmed reviews can make increasing economic sense.

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contact us: contact@sequeli.com

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