The power of a statutory inquiry

The Mid Staffs Inquiry has its own Wikipedia page called Stafford Hospital Scandal. It had its own website

The statutory inquiry under the Inquiries Act 2005 was chaired by Robert Francis QC and the report covers two volumes. There were 290 recommendations and they address the problems head-on with practical, administrative, organisational, policy and legislative proposals for change.

Is this the way to bring about improvement? For comment on proportionality and recommendations >> Read more

An alleged 'cover up' by the CQC

Publicity surrounding the circumstances of an alleged 'cover up' by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has prompted Sequeli to comment on the strengths and the limitations of internal reviews.

It all started in 2008 with the deaths of babies and mothers at Furness General Hospital, run by the Morecambe Bay NHS Trust. An internal inquiry into maternity services was conducted, led by nursing expert Dame Pauline Fielding. The allegation against the Trust is that it suppressed the wide-ranging criticisms of that internal inquiry >> Read more

Health and Social Care Act 2012

It's worth taking a deeper look at the debate on the Health and Social Care Bill and in particular on the subject of integation -
what it is and what it is not and whether it can and should be forced within a statutory framework. Although this page is lengthy, it's a suprisingly good read... >> Click here to read more

Learning from all types of review, investigation and inquiry

Reviews, investigations and inquiries - are they different? Not as much as may be thought. Each aims to find out what went wrong and make findings and/or recommendations in order to bring about improvement.

It therefore matters to learn from the process of all forms of review, investigation and inquiry. Principles such as independence and proportionality are always relevant, as illustrated on this page.








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