Sequeli delivers training for DfE

On 31 March 2014 Sequeli completed its work, in partnership with NSPCC and Action for Children, on a 15-month contract awarded by the Department for Education, supplying an Improving the Quality of Children's Serious Case Reviews through Support and Training Programme of training courses, workshops, seminars and Action Learning Sets to support children's serious case review throughout England. The programme ran from from January 2013 until April 2014.

Sequeli led on delivery of four two-day training courses for independent reviewers (see programme on right) and two one-day seminars for chairs and business managers of Local Safeguarding Childrens Boards (see programme on right), held in Leeds, Leicester, Watford and London. Gillian Downham (1 Garden Court Chambers and Sequeli Director) and James Blewett (Kings College London and a Sequeli Associate) ran days of intensive learning and discussion with additional sessions by Professor Jill Manthorpe (Kings College London and a Sequeli Associate), Professor Kate Morris (University of Nottingham), Paul Tudor, Sue Woolmore (Chair of the Association of Chairs of LSCBs) and a representative from the Department for Education (who spoke at each of the training events and seminars).

Sequeli training materials for DfE

In support of the training Sequeli created one set of Department for Education Training Materials for Reviewers and another set of Department for Education Commissioner Materials for LSCBs, all of which were based upon Sequeli's training materials using a children's serious case review framework modelled on Sequeli's Core Competencies and developed in close discussion with the Department for Education who approved them. These were combined into one document, the Department for Education Training Materials and LSCB Commissioning Materials (see right).

The two-day courses were so oversubscribed that the fourth course was added, though there were still disappointed applicants. Approximately half of the attendees were individuals who had not before carried out a serious case review, though most had experience of other types of review. The standard was high, with individuals from a variety of professional backgrounds including law, police, medicine, management, nursing and social work.

Evaluation of DfE SCR training

On 4 September 2014 Professor Marian Brandon of the University of East Anglia and her colleagues published an Independent National Evaluation of the DfE training programme Improving the Quality of Children's Serious Case Reviews. Sequeli played a key role in the contract - see below - in particular creating training materials. The Evaluation Report includes feedback that '96% of questionnaire respondents said the course materials were helpful' (page 9). The following are a sample of comments:

"Very impressed with course material – this is excellent"

"Well laid out and planned"

"I will definitely refer back to them"

"Training tools and materials look very useful i.e. pro-formas / templates etc."

Using the materials

Please note that these materials were designed for training and discussion on the DfE programme. Without guidance on how to use the materials they can still have some value. However, do please read everything with care and do not rely on extracts without ensuring you have fully understood the contextual material.

Remember you must take professional responsibility for the use you make of these materials.


Copyright of the Training and Commissioning Materials rests with the Department for Education and you should mention that when you use the materials. You must not use the material for any profit-making activity.

Since much of the material is based on pre-existing Sequeli copyright, Sequeli also grants you a licence to use the materials, which you should mention are based on Sequeli training materials. As above, you must not use Sequeli material for profit-making purposes.

screenshot DfE

"Very useful course"

"I enjoyed it very much and it gave me much food for thought",

"A good two day event - thank you"

"Very useful, and good reference material"

"Good to have DfE present"

Note that the Training Materials created by Sequeli can be usefully cross-referenced with the Home Office Domestic Homicide Review Guide to Report Writing. This may be useful for those who are jointly commissioned to carry out a review.


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