Support for learning of lessons

For as long as there is concern that public services may have been able to prevent a death or serious incident, there will be a need to discover what happened and why, with the aim of preventing a recurrence. 'Learning lessons' is a shorthand for that process.

Sequeli aims to professionalise the tasks of chairing, report writing and reviewing. It does this by providing training, training tools and support for independent chairs, report writers, panel members and commissioners of all types of review and investigation following serious untoward incidents in the mental healthcare, criminal justice, children's and vulnerable adults' services in England and Wales.

Sequeli provides a confidential support service for those who wish to talk through problems associated with reviews, inquiries and investigations. It also advises as to quality assurance concerning the review and investigation process.

Training and quality assurance

Sequeli adopts an innovative integrated approach to the training of independent chairs and report writers, with one shared training system spanning the different types of review and investigation. Read about Sequeli's integrated training.Additional specialist training focuses on the particular expertise needed for children's serious case reviews, domestic homicide reviews, safeguarding adults reviews and mental health investigations.

Sequeli runs courses, seminars, specialist training and workshops for independent chairs, and for commissioning bodies. In addition, Sequeli offers advice on development of review and investigation procedure. The emphasis is on helping to produce high quality processes and reports with high levels of satisfaction for all involved.

Training materials

Sequeli uses a system of training materials and tools to support its integrated training approach. The materials cover all the principles, knowledge, skills, quality assurance and learning tools necessary for the review journey. Read about Sequeli's System Training Materials. Sequeli supplies training materials and tools under contract for local and national services.

Sequeli underpins its training materials with one core training curriculum called the Core Competencies. These set out the principles, knowledge and skills required for the task of chairing and report writing across children serious case reviews, safeguarding adults reviews, domestic homicide reviews and mental health investigations. Read about the Core Competencies

"The real cost of an unsatisfactory report is not to the Government to the investigators or those who may be criticised in the review; it is to the victim and the future victims. Every unsatisfactory report written represents a missed opportunity for
lessons to be learnt for improvements to be made and, potentially for lives to be saved"

From Case Reviews: the need for improvement article on Sequeli's seminars in Police Professional Magazine 9 December 2010





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